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Masking tape is composed of crepe paper, high-tack psa, good resistance to high temperature and solvent no residue left etc. Have good adhesion, stickiness and temperature resistance as well as sound solvent resistance with perfect stability.
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From temperature and tear resistance to color coding and clean removal, Aussie Packaging's masking tapes are engineered with the features you demand. OZPacking offer a range of specially formulated tapes for a variety of applications, including labeling, splicing, floor marking, powder-coating and photography.

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Adhesive Tape -> 48 Rolls Of Masking Tape 24mm x 50m General Purpose

Masking Tapes Supplier Australia High Temperature -90°c Masking Tapes (24mm x 50M)
Great for paint jobs and painting projects
Great for panel beaters
Up to 90°c temperature resistance
List Price: $ 98.79
Now Price: $ 76.56


1) Sealing of joints between windows, doorframes and walls
2) Masking of surfaces during spraying, painting, lacquering and plastering
3) Masking of auto body components during auto painting
4) Sealing of lightweight cartons and small boxes
5) Repairing of books, maps, posters
6) Protection to metal, plastic or glass surfaces against scratching
7) Covering of sharp edges to afford their safety
8) Arrangement of small technical components (e.g., transistors) in line by

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