Top 4 advantages of using bubble wraps

Bubble wrap is a sheet of plastic that has pockets of air at set intervals, one of the most popular packaging materials. Supplied in many widths in both small and large bubble sizes.

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Why is bubble wrap good for packaging? Today OZ-Packing experts introduce some of the major advantages of bubble wraps during the packing process:

Environmentally friendly. Whenever possible, use a bio-degradable type of bubble wrap during your move – for instance, Enviro-Bubble. Also, make sure you re-use old sheets of 500mm*100m*10mm Bubble Roll Wrap that have not been damaged too much during previous uses.

Ultimate protection. The air that’s trapped between the plastic sheets offers outstanding cushioning qualities that help isolate super-fragile and sensitive items from any types of harmful effects during a house move – from shocks, vibrations, and accidental hits to moisture, dust, and dirt.

Easy to use. Bubble wrap is really easy to use – you just wrap it around the item that needs to be protected and tape in place. Thanks to the flexibility of the plastic material, the air bubbles will cover snugly fragile surfaces, thus creating tight protective bundles.

Almost weightless. Bubble wrap is very light, almost weightless – a distinctive bonus in a sense that it will not increase the weight of your boxes. As you know, the moving price is calculated on the basis of the total weight of your shipment.

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