Things you may not know about bubble wraps

Bubble wrap is great packing material, kids love to jump on it and make lots of noise.

oz-packing specialise in 10mm bubble wrapspallet wrapspacking tapes, this allows us to concentrate our efforts on sourcing quality film at the best possible price.

OZ-Packing 500mm x 100m - 10mm Bubble Wrap

Here are a few interesting facts about bubble wrap that you may not be familiar with – the better you understand its mysteries, the more and more you may be willing to use it when packing up your prized possessions.

Bubble wrap was created in the 1950s as a result of a failed attempt by two engineers to invent 3-D plastic wallpaper.

In the beginning, bubble wrap was used predominantly for protecting sensitive electronic equipment. Now, it’s widely used for safeguarding any types of fragile and easily breakable items.

The air bubbles inside the polyethylene film are not inflated in any special way – rather, they are formed when air is trapped between two plastic sheets during the production process.

The bubble sizes can vary greatly – from 1/4’’ to around 1’’ in diameter. The most common bubble size 0.4’’.

Did you know that there’s also heart-shaped bubble wrap? That’s right – the air-filled bubbles can be found in various shapes and patterns as well, not just in the well-familiar hemisphere pattern.

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